Of Roller Coasters and Long Shadows

13 Sep

(I wrote this a week ago, it still stands.)

Roller coasters, I think, are good for the soul. Something about scream-inducing adrenalin rushes and wind in your face and being inverted.

The shared experience of screaming your lungs out with 12 other people smiling and laughing and high-fiving after.

That cleansing, open feeling of being human; of feeling a little nervous and vulnerable and conquering the fears and winding up giggling a little, or a lot.

Like bike riding; like clipping into the pedals and taking off down a chunky singletrack, taking small rock ledge generic viagra drops and rollers, and stopping at the bottom feeling infused and giddy.

The wind breezing against a sweat soaked face as summer comes to a close and the bookend light of the evening casts long shadows to the east.

A knowing smile plays on my face as I realize how free I feel, and how alive, and how the fire is stoked again.

“I mountain bike because I haven’t found anything that’s more fun.”

And, the house work is getting serious. Putting in a front yard.

How you move boulders…

Yup, this is my rock.

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